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Eyeless Jack by Deidy-chan
Eyeless Jack
Well I found some free time in week and decided to try my new drawing programe for tablet and use one my well half-year old pic of Eyeless Jack :D I like this Canibal buddy and his story :3

#EyelessJack belong to his owner not meh ;3
Creepy Valentine by Deidy-chan
Creepy Valentine
Well I don't celebrate this but I thought that someone would like this pic e3e.
These two belong to DonkeysBazooka and u can see them in his animation named:
1)Villainy:The Tape…
2)Gone too far…
3)Gone too far too…

 Hope u like it because they are soooooooo cute together :icondragonshyplz:
Fnaf2 Background by Deidy-chan
Fnaf2 Background
Well I hope someone would like this background for FNAF_2 I play with every detail in it :3
And I love that pics there XD
Mistletoe meme Voodoo and Poalzu by Deidy-chan
Mistletoe meme Voodoo and Poalzu
Well say hello to my snake-girl named Poalzu :3 she's one of my OCs (and lesbian with one blue and one pink eye)
Original meme is from…
Voodoo belong to :icon4earedsenpai: 
and here is meme just with…
Well hope u like it :3 and have a nice day~♥

Journal History

Well I search betweenmy pics and found that I have soo many OCs so I decide to wrote them here and information about them:
★From A to Z

•Alexej: crazy gryphon
•Aloika: (girl) Bunny-fox or fox-bunny
•Arg Ree: bragon boy
•Alister: Bunny with sharp teeth and colored like fox
•Alfanela: (girl) Wizadr with animal shadow
•Auroborus/Aura: (girl) dragon bazilisk(?)

•Blind: like his name said he is blind and angel
•Blot: (girl) cat
•Benja: cat
•Blaze: Zombie fox with parasite live in his tail. :3 I adopt him from sis Stassy-Ifox3 :3

•Cookie: Lizard with wing looks like ears
•Catie: (girl) Vampire
•Candy-Zalgo: (girl) of course demon

•Dralk: (girl) Griphon
•Dan: Deidy's son and Zam's twin
•Dragon: demon
•Dustin: human with lil owl in steampunk style
•DeeDee PoP: (girl) Animatronic - Red Panda

•Edtler: dog micro pencil
•Exí: experiment (for cartoon Lillo and Stitch) Cowboy
•Emil: vampire snake

•Falco: Demon boy 'with phobia of people'
•Fenriz: Demon wolf

•Grimm: Lizard emo boy
•George: demon cheetah

•Hellpet: Demon


•Judy: (girl) were-vampire / half Vampire and half Werewolf
•Jack: human, sex slave
•Joel: cat
•Jesica: (girl oc for SonicX cartoon) angel cat
•Jeremy: Haunted soul
•Julius: zombie cat

•Kanashimi: (girl) Artificial human
•Kiato: demon cat
•Kopr: vampire and in english his name mean dill
•Kylar: vampire

•Lumiran: (girl) Allien
•Lance: human GAY 100%
•Lea: (girl) ??? I'm not shure what she is but she looks like mix between bunny and alien
•Luk: demon dog
•Lupus: angel
•Lobo: robo lizard/dog
•Loona: (girl) Werewolf
•Lucas&Satir: human schizophrenic. Lucas innocent and Satir pervert

•Mailo: Demon and 
•Magor: human killer
•Mortemus: Grim Reaper
•Moonko: robot monkey
•Marco/Jarda: human
•Mia: (girl) pony

•Nya: (girl) Zombie cat
•Night: experiment
•Nekoyasha: Shinigami
•Neko-en: (girl) fire katana
•Nero: angel
•Nestor: bird-Nestor Kea

•Ox: (oc for SonicX cartoon) Bat
•O'Lemon: (girl) ??? I DUNNO WATH SHE IS!!! She's mix between everything
•Omen: Vampire slave
•Omegalon: Wizard with animal shadow
•Oxa: (girl) black-golden bunny creature with long fluffy tail
•Ornaminka/Ornami: (girl) half ant-eater and half dragon

•Poalzu: (girl) half snake and half girl
•Plech: Jackalope boy
•Paula: (girl) Bat
•Password: kiklop
•Porn: (girl) cat
•Paris: (girl) 


•Ryukotsei: dragon
•Rik: Werewolf
•Riko: Marea, sea monster
•Rezistor: human and killer
•Ruii: creature from Mintzadoptz

•Shimi: ghost
•Shemi: ghost
•Stuart: .... well he's human
•Stupi: (girl) Allien
•Samuel: Ayame's son
•Silence: Wizard
•Sam: panda tablet
•Solis: prince
•Suzia: (girl) human with demon in her right eye
•Saliem&Kha: mix between pony and creature with alive tail
•Sarahlydia: (girl)
•Sappine: (girl)
•Sabet: (girl) 

•Terets: (girl) dragon
•Terets: demon *he die soon*
•Tesuri: (girl) crazy homeless
•Trouble Maker: weasel
•Touda: pokemon
•Twerk It: (girl) Squirrel


•Vainy: weasel laptop
•Violet: (girl) pony
•Vincent: Vampire

•Wolfie: (girl) cat
•Wing: fallen angel stuck in his own dead body


•Yumiko: (girl) lion
•Yumi: (girl) robo monkey

•Zuno: Mute vampire & Zane's his bro
•Zane: Werewolf & Zuno's his bro
•Zam: Deidy's son and Dan's twin
•Zuko&Tykadlo: Demon cat & his tail
•Zeke: Vampire
•Zoran: Demon

Oc's 120..?(because of alive tails and one schizophrenic)


Deidy-chan's Profile Picture
Ayame or Deidy or Dei
Czech Republic

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